2019 PBA Oklahoma Open/PBA Doubles Championship

Butturff Outmaneuvers Svensson To Win Oklahoma Open

Butturff Outmaneuvers Svensson To Win Oklahoma Open

Jakob Butturff defeated Jesper Svensson to win the PBA Oklahoma Open on Sunday.

Jan 13, 2019 by Lucas Wiseman
Butturff Outmaneuvers Svensson To Win Oklahoma Open

In a fascinating championship match between a pair of lefties forced to make adjustments and complete with a little off-the-lanes drama, Jakob Butturff defeated Jesper Svensson to win the PBA Oklahoma Open on Sunday.

Butturff entered as the top seed for the third consecutive tournament, just the fourth player to do that in the history of the PBA Tour, and finally got a victory during that stretch, defeating Svennson 267-201 at FireLake Bowling Center in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Both players started out using urethane balls, however, after leaving and missing a seven pin in the second frame, Butturff immediately switched to a reactive ball on the left lane. Using a different ball on each lane, he went on to throw nine consecutive strikes before leaving a six pin on the fill.

“We had a strategy that if I was going to seven pin the first ball, we make the immediate ball change,” Butturff said. “Thankfully, it was able to pay off this time.”

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To deal with the way Svensson broke the lanes down during the previous two matches, Butturff said he used more surface in practice and the impact on Svensson’s line was obvious early in the match.

After shooting games of 267 and 239 in earlier stepladder matches, Svensson went high in three of the first four frames, including a big four split in the opening frame.

The match also had a little drama early on. During a pre-match interview with sideline reporter Kimberly Pressler, Butturff showed off an infinity cube that he used to help keep him in “focus mode.” During the interview, you could hear the cube making an obvious clicking sound.

It didn’t take long for Svensson to become slightly irritated by the noise the cube was making during his approach. It bothered Svensson enough that he mentioned it to Storm ball rep Jim Callahan.

“Jakob with his stupid cube,” Svensson told Callahan in a conversation picked up by the FS1 broadcast. “I keep hearing it.”

Although we didn’t hear any more talk about the infinity cube, it created a small amount of drama early on in the match that turned out to be a blow-out victory for Butturff.

In the semifinal, Svensson built up a 31-pin lead on Patrick Girard by the sixth frame and took a 239-218 victory to advance.

Striking on five of his first six shots allowed Svensson to build a big lead. By the time the final frame came around, Svensson still needed a double and one pin to win after Girard rallied. Svensson buried three strikes for the victory.

Girard, meanwhile, had a tough time stitching together strikes and didn’t throw more than a double until the final frame when he was already shut out.

Svensson struck on five consecutive shots to open the match as he eliminated Dom Barrett in the second match of the day, 267-231.

Barrett got off to a rough start to the match. After leaving a light eight pin in the first frame, he went high on his next two shots and left splits for open frames. With a ball change in the fourth, he left a four pin and then rattled off five consecutive strikes to put minimal pressure on Svensson, but it wasn’t enough.

Stepping up in the ninth and 10th frames, Svensson just needed two marks to secure the win. Instead, he struck in the ninth and on his first two shots in the 10th for the easy victory.

Barrett made it through the opening match of the stepladder finals with ease, defeating Tom Daugherty 245-162.

Daugherty, throwing reactive on the right lane and urethane on the left lane, had a disaster start to the match. After striking in the first frame, he left and missed a 10 pin in the second. He followed that up in the third by leaving the 3-4-6-7-10 split for another open.

Meanwhile, Barrett started the match with seven consecutive strikes and had amassed a 65-pin lead halfway through the match. His string of strikes ended with a 10 pin in the eighth frame.

The PBA Tour takes the week off before returning for the PBA Lubbock Sports Open, which begins Jan. 23 in Lubbock, Texas, live on FloBowling.