2019 PBA Playoffs

Svensson, Sherman, Malott, Barrett Advance At PBA Playoffs

Svensson, Sherman, Malott, Barrett Advance At PBA Playoffs

Jesper Svensson, Kyle Sherman, Dom Barrett and Wes Malott moved on to the Round of 16 at the PBA Playoffs.

Apr 16, 2019 by Lucas Wiseman
Svensson, Sherman, Malott, Barrett Advance At PBA Playoffs

PORTLAND, Maine – Jesper Svensson, Kyle Sherman, Dom Barrett and Wes Malott moved on to the Round of 16 at the PBA Playoffs, narrowing the field and bringing to a close the one-game elimination round.

The action at Bayside Bowl now shifts to the best-of-three Round of 16 with the 1-1 tiebreaker being a ninth and 10th frame roll-off.

Here’s the recap of the matches that aired Monday:

No. 23 Jesper Svensson 206, No. 10 Marshall Kent 190

In the biggest upset of the Round of 24, No. 23 Svensson took down 10th seed Kent in a close match.

Kent nearly got away with poor execution in the first half of the match but just before the commercial break, Kent left and missed a 10 pin to trail by four pins. However, after the break, Kent strung three strikes in a row and had a chance to win the match in the final frame.

Kent needed a strike on his first shot in the final frame plus count to advance but instead left the 4-9 split. That gave Svensson a chance to steal the match with a strike and eight pins in the 10th frame, and he delivered three strikes to advance.

Svensson will next take on Bill O’Neill in a match that will air May 6.

No. 11 Kyle Sherman 203, No. 22 DJ Archer 182

In a match that came down to the final frame, Sherman took advantage of a strike he called “lucky” to advance against Archer.

Sherman finished the match first and needed a double and four pins for the shutout. He got the first one in perfect fashion, but on the second strike, he threw up his hands like he threw it poorly. He admitted after the match he got away with a lucky strike that propelled him to the victory.

One major error by Archer, meanwhile, put him in an extremely difficult position. In the seventh frame, leading by 15 pins, Archer had a chance to build a big lead but instead pulled the ball high and left the 3-4-6-7-10 split. Not only did he not make the split, he only got one, losing a ton of pins in count.

In the Round of 16, Sherman will take on Sean Rash in a match that airs May 13.

No. 14 Dom Barrett 237, No. 19 Brad Miller 187

Barrett chose to implement a different strategy than we have seen so far in the PBA Playoffs, using a reactive ball to play right and it paid off in a victory over Miller.

The match was even for six frames as the players alternated strikes and spares, but Miller was the first to blink, leaving a four pin on a spare and falling behind by a pin. He would never lead in the match and his fate was sealed when he left and missed the 2-8-10 split in the ninth frame.

Barrett, meanwhile, finally strung some strikes together after the commercial break. After failing to double in the first half of the match, Barrett threw strikes in the seventh, eighth, ninth and two in the 10th to secure the victory.

Barrett will take on Norm Duke in the next round in a match that will air on May 13.

No. 15 Wes Malott 212, No. 18 Josh Blanchard 211

In what was the closest match of the Round of 24, Malott won sitting on the bench against Blanchard.

Malott trailed by 16 pins after six frames but after the commercial break, he popped strikes in the seventh, eighth and ninth to pull into the lead. He needed a double and two pins to shut Blanchard out. He delivered on the first one but left a 4 pin on the second shot, giving Blanchard a chance.

Blanchard stepped up and buried two strikes in a row and needed nine pins on the fill to advance. Instead, he pitched the ball wide right and left the 1-2-4 combination to lose by a pin.

With the win, Malott advanced in the bracket and will take on second seed Jakob Butturff in a match that airs May 6.

What’s Next

The Round of 16 kicks off with a powerhouse matchup of two-handed bowlers as top seed Jason Belmonte will take on Kyle Troup on Monday’s show, which will be broadcast in the U.S. on FS1 and internationally on FloBowling.

The other match features eighth seed Tom Daugherty taking on Kris Prather, who was selected as the No. 1 pick in the recent PBA League Draft.