CBS Green Lights Tom Smallwood Comedy

CBS Green Lights Tom Smallwood Comedy

CBS announced this week it gave the green light to a series around the life and career of PBA player Tom Smallwood.

May 20, 2021 by Lucas Wiseman
CBS Green Lights Tom Smallwood Comedy

In March, news came out that a CBS had ordered a pilot for Smallwood, a comedy based on the life of PBA player Tom Smallwood. This week, CBS announced it has given the green light the series.

Smallwood is planned for a mid-season release with the date to be determined. The multi-camera comedy will star Pete Holmes as Smallwood.

The show will revolve around Smallwood’s personal story of being laid off as a GM factory worker only to chase his dreams as a professional bowler.

Since making that decision, Smallwood has found success on the lanes, winning two major titles along the way.

Smallwood’s story is an inspirational one and one that is well known within the bowling community. However, the opportunity to tell that story to a wider audience while at the same time promoting professional bowling could prove positive for the sport.

Here’s how CBS described the comedy in a news release this week:

It's not easy to bowl a perfect game, but Tom Smallwood is certainly going to try.

CBS has announced a brand new comedy set for a mid-season debut called Smallwood, based on professional bowler Tom Smallwood's life.

The series stars Pete Holmes as Tom, a stoic Midwest husband and dad who gets laid off from a car assembly line and makes the extraordinary decision to provide for his family by following his dream of becoming a professional bowler.

As a skilled player, Tom knows in bowling you get two chances—no matter what you do with the first ball, you get another one to make it right. The ultimate second chance. Keeping that in mind, Tom begins his new career with the loving okay from his wife, Jen (Katie Lowes), and the unfaltering support of Archie (Chi McBride), his mentor and the proud owner of Archie's Lanes: Home of the Curly Fry.

It remains to be seen if Tom will strike it big on the Pro Bowler circuit, but right now, the pins are set, he's taking his second shot and it's 300 or bust!

Mark Gross, David Hollander, and Brian D'Arcy James serve as executive producers for CBS Studios. Mark Cendrowski directed the pilot from a script by Gross.