picture of 2019 PBA League

Jul 17-19, 2019

FloBowling will broadcast the 2019 PBA League live for international audiences outside the United States with archives available for all audiences seven days after the event airs.

Portland Lumberjacks

Manager: Tim Mack
Ryan Ciminelli
Wes Malott
Kyle Troup
Kris Prather
Mitch Hupe

L.A. X

Manager: Andrew Cain
Jason Belmonte

Stuart Williams

Jakob Butturff

Dick Allen

Anthony Lavery-Spahr

Brooklyn Styles

Manager: Johnny Petraglia
Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Sean Rash

Rhino Page

Andres Gomez

Brad Angelo

New York City KingPins

Manager: Carolyn Dorin-Ballard
Pete Weber

Marshall Kent

BJ Moore

Kyle Sherman

Darren Tang

Motown Muscle

Manager: Del Ballard Jr.
EJ Tackett

Anthony Simonsen

Josh Blanchard

AJ Chapman

Mykel Holliman

Dallas Strikers

Player/Manager: Norm Duke

Tommy Jones

Bill O’Neill

Andrew Anderson

Brad Miller

Philadelphia Hitmen

Manager: Jason Couch
Dom Barrett

Tom Smallwood

Matt Sanders

Jake Peters

Patrick Girard

Silver Lake Atom Splitters

Manager: Mark Baker
Chris Barnes

Jesper Svensson

Tom Daugherty

DJ Archer

AJ Johnson