2018 PBA Kenn-Feld Group Classic

Dick Allen Averages 221, Leads PBA Kenn-Feld Group Classic Qualifying

Dick Allen Averages 221, Leads PBA Kenn-Feld Group Classic Qualifying

Dick Allen averaged 221.38 on demanding lane conditions Saturday to lead 32 players to Sunday’s cashers round.

Aug 25, 2018 by FloSports Staff
Dick Allen Averages 221, Leads PBA Kenn-Feld Group Classic Qualifying

COLDWATER, Ohio – Dick Allen of Lexington, S.C., averaged 221.38 on demanding lane conditions Saturday to lead the 32 players who advance to Sunday’s cashers round in the PBA Xtra Frame Kenn-Feld Group Classic at Pla-Mor Lanes.

The PBA Xtra Frame Kenn-Feld Group Classic is a part of the 2018 Go Bowling! PBA Tour.

The 39-year-old Allen, a five-time PBA Tour champion, was the model of consistency, starting Saturday’s eight-game qualifying round with his only sub-200 game (192) and finishing with games of 204, 212, 233, 258, 253, 217 and 202 for a 1,771 pinfall total. Allen is trying to win his third PBA Xtra Frame Tour title. He previously won the Xtra Frame Chesapeake Open in Chesapeake, Va., in 2017 and the Xtra Frame Port Property Management Open in Portland, Maine, earlier in 2018.

Pla-Mor Lanes, notorious for its challenging scoring environment, played true to its reputation. Only 16 of the 96 players were able to average 200 or high during the qualifying round.

“In an event like this, you have to find a way to get to the pocket and make as few changes as possible. Every mistake you make, you lose pins, and every pin counts,” Allen said. “There’s an old Russian saying that would be interpreted here to say something like, you don’t get the pins in Coldwater. The pins get you.”

His closest challenger after the first eight games was seven-time PBA Tour titlist Ryan Ciminelli of Clarence, N.Y., with 1,706 pins. Two-time titlist Tom Daugherty of Riverview, Fla., third with a 1,678 total. Defending champion Rhino Page of Orlando, Fla., advanced in eighth place.

Sunday’s schedule begins with a four-game cashers round at 10 a.m. Based on 12-game pinfall totals after the cashers round, the top 16 will bowl three more games at 12:30 p.m. After the Round of 16, the top eight based on 15-game totals move on to the Round of 8, where they will bowl two more games. Pinfall totals for 17 games will decide the four players who will compete in the stepladder finals at 3:30 p.m. All times are Eastern.

All of Sunday’s competition will be live-streamed by PBA Xtra Frame on FloBowling, and will include a new FloBowling option that will allow subscribers to watch the action on all eight pairs of lanes. For subscription information, visit FloBowling.com.

(A part of the 2018 Go Bowling! PBA Tour) 
Pla-Mor Lanes, Coldwater, Ohio, Saturday

First Round (After eight games; top 32 advance to Sunday’s cashers qualifying round) 
1, Dick Allen, Lexington, S.C., 1,771. 
2, Ryan Ciminelli, Clarence, N.Y., 1,706. 
3, Tom Daugherty, Riverview, Fla., 1,678. 
4 (tie), Connor Pickford, Charlotte, N.C., and Jakob Butturff, Tempe, Ariz., 1,665. 
6, Richie Teece, England, 1,662. 
7, Jason Lundquist, Columbus, Ohio, 1,651. 
8, Rhino Page, Orlando, 1,649. 
9, n-Chad Roberts, Reynoldsburg, Ohio, 1,646. 
10 (tie), Joe Bailey, Wooster, Ohio, and Brad Angelo, Lockport, N.Y., 1,642. 
12, Andrew Anderson, Holly, Mich., 1,641. 
13, Brandon Novak, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1,637. 
14, Chris Via, Springfield, Ohio, 1,626. 
15, Chris Colella, Indianapolis, Ind., 1,622. 
16, Francois Louw, South Africa, 1,604. 
17, Matt O'Grady, Rahway, N.J., 1,597. 
18, Marshall Kent, Yakima, Wash., 1,596. 
19, Tom Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich., 1,589. 
20, Darren Tang, San Francisco, 1,588. 
21, AJ Chapman, St. Paul, Minn., 1,585. 
22, Kamron Doyle, Brentwood, Tenn., 1,584. 
23, Michael Tang, San Francisco, 1,580. 
24, Graham Fach, Canada, 1,579. 
25, Chris Loschetter, Avon, Ohio, 1,578. 
25, Kurt Pilon, Warren, Mich., 1,578. 
27, JR Raymond, Clinton Twp., Mich., 1,576. 
28, Anthony Simonsen, Austin, Texas, 1,572. 
29, Tom Hess, Urbandale, Iowa, 1,565. 
30, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill., 1,562. 
31 (tie), x-Kyle Troup, Taylorsville, N.C. and y-Michael Clark Jr., Cleveland, Ohio, 1,561. 
Failed to advance: 
33, z-Jason Sterner, Atlanta, Ga., 1,561. 
34 (tie), EJ Tackett, Huntington, Ind., and Brett Spangler, Niles, Ohio, 1,559. 
36, Ronnie Russell, Marion, Ind., 1,554. 
37 (tie), Zeke Bayt, Westerville, Ohio, and Brian Kretzer, Dayton, Ohio, 1,553. 
39, Richard McCormick, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1,552. 
40, Mitch Beasley, Clarksville, Tenn., 1,548. 
41, Jake Peters, Henderson, Nev., 1,540. 
42, Ryan Lakota, Shorewood, Ill., 1,539. 
43, Brian Robinson, Morgantown, W.Va., 1,534. 
44, Nicholas Pate, Inver Grove Heights, Minn., 1,531. 
45, Kristopher Prather, Plainfield, Ill., 1,528. 
46, Matt Kuba, Chicago Ridge, IL, 1,509. 
47, Frank Snodgrass, Center Line, Mich., 1,506. 
48, AJ Johnson, Oswego, Ill., 1,501. 
49, Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 1,499. 
50, James Hennessey, Adrian, Mich, 1,496. 
51, BJ Moore, Greensburg, Pa., 1,493. 
52, Joe Paluszek, Bensalem, Pa., 1,491. 
53, n-Casey Cohagan, Fairport, Ohio, 1,490. 
54, Chandler Stevens, Archbold, Ohio, 1,489. 
55, Patrick Dombrowski, Parma, Ohio, 1,478. 
56, John Furey, Howell, N.J., 1,476. 
57, Tony Johnson, Canton, Ohio, 1,472. 
58, Randy Weiss, Columbia, S.C., 1,470. 
59, Bobby Hall II, Landover, Md., 1,466. 
60, Kyle Cook, Centerville, Ohio, 1,463. 
61, Tom Sorce, Blasdell, N.Y., 1,459. 
62, Matt Sanders, Indianapolis, 1,457. 
63, Tim Pfeifer, Oakdale, Pa., 1,455. 
64, Sam Cooley, Australia, 1,447. 
65, Anthony LaCaze, Elgin, Ill., 1,442. 
66 (tie), Jean Perez, Puerto Rico, and Trent Knoop, Sidney, Ohio, 1,440. 
68, Kyle Mayberry, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 1,434. 
69, Anthony Kennard, Wapakoneta, Ohio, 1,433. 
70, Tim Foy Jr., Seaford, Del., 1,427. 
71, Bill Crane III, Mooresville, Ind., 1,425. 
72, ss-Jim Dilyard, Burbank, Ohio, 1,424. 
73, Brandon Keirns, Marion, Ohio, 1,420. 
74, Zach Doty, Campbellsville, Ky., 1,418. 
75, n-Brandon Kennard, Wapakoneta, Ohio, 1,417. 
76, Ron Profitt, Brookville, Ohio, 1,415. 
77, Zachery Tackett, Huntington, Ind., 1,413. 
78, Charlie Brown Jr, Grandville, Mich., 1,410. 
79, Kyle Walther, Miami Beach, Fla., 1,407. 
80, Christopher Elizondo, Waynesburg, Pa., 1,386. 
81, Dakota Vostry, Chicago, Ill., 1,366. 
82, Brett Miller, Morehead, Ky., 1,363. 
83, Scott McIntire Jr., North Royalton, Ohio, 1,360. 
84, Michael Davidson, Versailles, Ohio, 1,357. 
85, Carleton Chambers, Detroit, 1,351. 
86 (tie), Andrew Silverman, Akron, Ohio, and Bill Burke, Angola, Ind., 1,336. 
88, Dan Hochstein, Canton, Mich., 1,334. 
89, Brandon Curtis, Manson, N.C., 1,332. 
90, David Rosengarten, Gardendale, Ala., 1,289. 
91, Gerald Malcom, Jr., River Rouge, Mich., 1,246. 
92, Michael Baker, Moline, Ill., 1,204. 
93, Trevor Besel, Maricopa, Ariz., 1,170. 
94, Steve Tobolt, Chicago, Ill., 1,164. 
95, Gary Zwiezinski, Elyria, Ohio, 1,155.

x-Troup 204 and y-Clark 188 advanced to cashers round following one-game roll-off to break a tie for 31st and 32nd positions. z-Sterner 170 finished in 33rd place.

n-denotes non-PBA member.

Release provided courtesy of PBA Media Relations