picture of 2020 PBA League All-Star Clash

Completed, Nov 29, 2020

Watch 2020 PBA League All-Star Clash live on FloBowling! This event will be live for international audiences outside the United States with archives available for all audiences seven days after the event airs.

  1. Norm Duke, Dallas Strikers, 40 PBA titles
  2. Dom Barrett, Philadelphia Hitmen, 8 PBA titles
  3. Walter Ray Williams Jr., Brooklyn Styles, 47 PBA titles
  4. Chris Barnes, Silver Lake Atom Splitters, 19 PBA titles
  5. Francois Lavoie, Las Vegas High Rollers, 4 PBA titles
  6. Liz Johnson, Phoenix Fury, 24 PWBA titles
  7. Pete Weber, NYC KingPins, 37 PBA titles
  8. EJ Tackett, Motown Muscle, 13 PBA titles
  9. Wes Malott, Portland Lumberjacks, 10 PBA titles
  10. Jason Belmonte, L.A.X, 25 PBA titles
  11. Sean Rash, Brew City Ballers, 16 PBA titles
  12. Danielle McEwan, Miami Waves, 5 PWBA titles