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Sweep The Rack S01E10

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Sweep The Rack S01E10: Ryan Ciminelli, BJ Moore

Aug 20, 2019

Fresh off their recent wins, Ryan Ciminelli and BJ Moore join Brooklyn Rob and Big Mike on this week’s Sweep The Rack podcast.

Here’s a guide to the show:

00:00:00 - Intro
00:07:05 - Big Mike goes to the PBA Gene Carter’s Pro Shop Classic
00:10:30 - Ryan Ciminelli’s return from suspension and BJ Moore’s first win
00:13:01 - Anthony Simonsen documentary teaser
00:15:56 - BJ Moore joins the show
00:41:48 - Ciminelli is back to discuss his win and ball choices
01:00:30 - Who plays Brooklyn Rob and Big Mike in the Ciminelli movie?
01:02:00 - Flat 10: Who would play PBA bowlers in a movie?
01:13:00 - Wrapping things up