picture of 2021 PBA World Series of Bowling XII

Completed, Mar 7-17

The 2021 PBA World Series of Bowling is the longest and most grueling event on the PBA Tour each year. With five national titles on the line, the World Series of Bowling can make or break an entire season for players.

Show Results

Match 1

Low score eliminated

Tom Daugherty, 244
Kyle Troup, 213
Kris Prather, 182, 20
Michael Tang, 182, 19 (Loser eliminated, finishes fourth, earns $5,000)

Match 2

Low score eliminated

Troup, 279
Daugherty, 276
Prather, 237 (Prather eliminated, finishes third, earns $8,000)


Daugherty def. Troup, 266-254 (Daugherty earns $30,000, Troup earns $15,000)