2021 Preseason PBA Power Rankings: No. 8 Jesper Svensson

2021 Preseason PBA Power Rankings: No. 8 Jesper Svensson

Jesper Svensson is ranked No. 8 in our 2021 Preseason PBA Power Rankings.

Jan 4, 2021 by Jef Goodger
2021 Preseason PBA Power Rankings: No. 8 Jesper Svensson
Career Titles: 10 (1 major)Age: 252020 Earnings: $88,650 (rank: 8)2020 Points: 15,995 (rank: 6)2020 Peak Ranking: 42020 Low Ranking: 16

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8. Jesper Svensson

Career Titles: 10 (1 major)
Age: 25
2020 Earnings: $88,650 (rank: 8)
2020 Points: 15,995 (rank: 6)
2020 Peak Ranking: 4
2020 Low Ranking: 16

2020 Season

In February, Svensson made himself performance-eligible for the PBA Hall of Fame just a few days after turning 25 years old. Officially, based on air dates, his ninth career title was the Indianapolis Open and his all-important 10th was the PBA Doubles Championship with Kyle Troup, but Svensson claimed both titles in one euphoric night (and in the opposite order) in Indianapolis. He finished 10th in the World Championship and made all three animal-pattern cuts to match play but was unable to advance to the TV finals. Running into a streaking Brad Miller ended Svensson’s Playoffs run in the Round of 16.

2021 Outlook

Svensson will once again be a threat every time he enters a tournament. Coming from Sweden, he’ll be assigned to the south region qualifier for the PBA Players Championship in Tampa and will be one of the favorites to advance. As he’s shown many times in his career, he can get a lead and run away with it. If he can do that in the Tampa regional, he’ll set himself up nicely for a chance at the overall Players Championship title.

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